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Nairn’s know a thing or two about oats. We’ve been baking with them since 1896. A lot has changed over the years but our commitment to making simple, natural and wholesome products that taste great is as important now as it was back then. Our diverse range continues to expand with new products being launched regularly, and now includes oatcakes, sweet biscuits, crackers, flatbreads, cereals and snacks which are all made with wholegrain oats as the key ingredient. We are very excited to have recently launched Nairn’s Gluten Free Pop Oats, the first ever popped oat product – gluten free, vegan and vegetarian variants in a 20g serving that is only 83 calories. At the same time as Pop Oats we have also launched the Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Bars; a healthier flapjack with 40% less sugar than the average bar. All bars are vegan, packed with flavour and each 40g bar is approximately 170 calories, Come along and try for yourself at Stand SN8


  • Nairn's Pop Oats & Oat Bars

    Introducing - Pop Oats; the UK's first popped oat snack - available in three flavours : BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Chive. Oat Bars - 40% le...

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    90 Peffermill Road Edinburgh EH16 5UU United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 1316207000

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